Radenviro.ch – Switzerland’s environmental radioactivity data are online!


The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has released a new website to display environmental radioactivity data in November 2015. Starting from an interactive map users can access the latest readings of the automatic networks as well as new results of laboratory analyses. After selecting a sample type and a sampling station of interest the radioisotope concentrations are visualized in the form of time series graphs or tables. While some time series – such as the aerosol filters from the Klingnau sampling site – already cover more than the last 10 years other historical data is continuously being added. Short articles provide general explanations on the collection and the interpretation of radioactivity data. Users are welcome to subscribe to a newsletter or to leave a comment on a specific article. The link to the interactive map is http://www.radenviro.ch/en-GB/map .

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